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InhubPage is an AI driven organisation which has built respective proficiency in Business, Economy, Journalism and Healthcare on one side and connects the blocks of these verticals through online communities and portals on other.


College portals and communities - acts as college discussion group

AI Based Economy

Economic Risk evaluation using artifical intelligence


Data based journalism - data analytics and collection

Evidence Based Medicine

Healthcare advanced research based on historical evidences and artificial intelligence


Psychology groups focusing on catharsis and art as therapy

Discussion Groups

Open Discussion Groups like debating, book discussion, quiz, etc

Art Community

Art based artist groups featuring on talent identification and art sharing

Learning Management System

Groups focussed around learning management system and portals

Blood Connect

Portals and communities connecting each other through their blood groups

Geographical Indication

Geographical Indication groups focused on promoting GI and preventing misuse

Healthcare Community

Patient Support Groups and Doctor's Community

AI Based Business

Business evaluation across B2B,B2C and Startup using Artificial Intelligence across the globe